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New in - Liebeskind Berlin Trilogy

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you all have had some great christmasdays with your family and friends! To be honest, I'm still in that festive mode, as my boyfriend and I had familiy parties everyday since the 24th of december! 

Today is the first day where we can just sit on the couch and have a cozy, non-party-day haha. So this is the perfect day to begin with showing you some of my presents. But first I have to say that I am super greatful for all the presents, I recieved this year. 

I got this lovely makeup-bag from my boyfriend. As he knows (and sees everyday haha), I'm absolutely obsessed with pink and this little bag is perfect for all the new makeup stuff I got for christmas. Or I'll use it to store my everyday-makeup. Or I'll put it in my bag to take it with me... I'm really not sure yet. 

But what I love the most about it, is that although it is not really big, there is enough space for all my products. I can even put my brushes in it, without squeezing them.  

This wonderful bag is a gift from my mom. I really have had no clue about it. I was so surprised, as I opened the package and saw this cute bag. I really had to wipe away some tears... This is perfect! It has three seperat mainpockets and one little pocket in the front. You can adjust the lenght of handle, how you need it. 

And this is the last of my Liebeskind Berlin presents. I was wishing for a new portemonaie, because mine broke 3 weeks before christmas... But I really didn't expect it to be one from Liebeskind. My boyfriends mom gave it to me. I am sooo happy with all of my new "bags". 

I have to admit, that I am currently obsessed with Liebeskind Berlin. I have already one bag and an Iphone case. The quality and the different styles and colours are amazing! I could buy tonnes of bags haha.

So. That's it! I hope you like the post. Maybe you have some Liebeskind Berlin bags, too. I would love to read some of your experiences! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Love, Anja

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3 Kommentare

Unknown hat gesagt…
ich LIEBE liebeskind!
danke für dein kommentar :) :*
c hat gesagt…
wow! liebeskind hat einfach die schönsten sachen! :)
Unknown hat gesagt…
I reaally loved the second one! This colour is awesome :)
I just found you and immediately became member :D I would apreciate it if you'll visit me back :)
Kisses and keep in touch